List of Hong Kong Law Firms by Size

Choosing a Hong Kong law firm can be very important for those who want to be represented in a court of law. However, there are many good Hong Kong law firms and lawyers to choose from and for most, they can seem a bit confused about the entire process. It can seem very difficult to get the right representation and it’s easy to see why. However, getting to know a little more about the law firms in Hong Kong can be far easier than you think. The following is a brief list of Hong Kong law firms by size, you might find it interesting.


Deacons are one of Hong Kong’s most recognized and well known law firms. It is also an independent law firm and is considered to be the biggest in Hong Kong also. There are over two hundred plus lawyers currently working at the law firm and has been established for over a hundred and sixty years which is tremendous. Deacons also have a large base of international connections and it really has become one of the most sought after law firms in Hong Kong today. You can find a lawyer Hong Kong here at Deacons and you should be able to get all the help you need there too.

List of Hong Kong Law Firms by Size

King and Wood Mallesons

King and Wood Mallesons has become another major law firm within Hong Kong and they are gaining popularity by the minute. This is a multi-national law firm and is considered to be another of the big firms within Hong Kong too. However, there are over a hundred and eighty plus, lawyers currently working at the law firm and is internationally recognized also. There are many who are choosing this law firm simply because of how competent the lawyers here really are. This is a Hong Kong law firm with great potential and it can certainly showcase the best they have to offer.

Other Law Firms

Woo, Kwan, Lee and Lo and Li and Partners are another two big named law firms within Hong Kong and they are very popular. They have over eighty and seventy lawyers respectfully each and have really become a highly sought after service too. These are just two of the big named law firms but they can offer so much and they really are able to showcase the best. However, there are many other firms available. Choosing a lawyer Hong Kong has become far easier and there are lots of good options to consider too. get more, Visit this link:

Choosing the Best Representation

When you are in need of representation for a legal matter it’s important to get a service that offers what you need and more. Choosing a good law firm can be vital and the right professional at your side can make all the difference. The above are just a few of the biggest names in Hong Kong but there are others to enquire into also. Choosing lawyers and law firms can get most people confused but it’s important to understand that it is possible to find a lawyer without it becoming too stressful. Find the best Hong Kong law firm today.